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Mont Blanche Rules & Regulations

• You are entitled to come the day before the function to set up between 07h00 and 19h00. Gates will be closed at 19h00 with no exceptions. Should caterers/staff run late, R250.00 will be deducted from your deposit for every 15 minutes after 19h00; it is your responsibility to ensure that your caterers/staff are aware of the penalties.
• On the day of the function you are welcome any time from 05h00. Our functions are allowed by law to run until midnight (24h00). The music must be turned off at this time. Guests, Décor people and catering staff must have vacated the premises by half past twelve (00h30). There is a penalty fee of R250 per 15 mins thereafter, which will be deducted from your deposit.
• Please note that we are a smoke free venue; smoking permitted outside - please use the ashtrays provided.
• There are draping hooks above the lights on the pillars if you do not wish to pay the R500 surcharge that you will be charged if going into our ceiling draping!
• Please use the hooks and not the lights or nails to secure your draping – Usage of nails or lights to drape will result in Breakage Deposit not being refunded!
• Children are allowed but must be supervised at all times.
• Please do not pollute the Koi Pond with plastic, wire or paper.
• Any items brought in, such as Cookers, Tiffany chairs, Tables etc. must have rubber or plastic feet so as not to damage the flooring.
• Please provide the Security person at the entrance gate with a plate of food on the day of the function.
• Pulpit and benches are not to be removed from the chapel.
• Please note that the fridges will be turned off the day following your function at 09h00, any food left in the kitchen at this time will be donated on your behalf to a charity that will appreciate it (The Ebenezer Hannah Home).